Senin, 03 Juni 2013

Written in English Project #1

After blog-walking to several blogs, especially Indonesian fashion blogs that got famous globally, I notice something quite obvious: it's all WRITTEN IN ENGLISH. It doesn't take a genius to discover that if you want people from all around the world to read or see your blog, then you have to write in a global language: English.

So this gives me an idea to start a project called: "Written in English Project." Every month, I'll write 1 post (or more) that is written in English. The post can talk about anything, it's just have to be in English. This is challenging for me, yet very exciting. Please do not think that this project is about showcasing my English ability. Instead, this project would be my media to learn writing properly in English. Therefore, I will be happy to meet any of you "grammar-nazis" to give me critics and corrections. Haha.

'Till we meet again!

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burselfwoman mengatakan...

Just write and enjoy, Mak. Go for it! :)

Sonya Tampubolon mengatakan...

@burselfwoman: thanks a lot, Mak! ;)

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