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[Written in English Project #2]: How My Father Met My Mother

Apparently, my dad doesn't need 9 seasons like Ted Mosby to tell how he met my mom :p
*no I'm not dishing How I Met Your Mother series, it's one of my favorite show*

The story was told loooooong time ago. Nevertheless, the story remains in my head and my heart as one of the sweetest and cutest story I've ever heard :') Hopefully I can re-tell the story quite well, so you got that same fuzzy feeling after reading this, just like me when I heard it.

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

She just arrived at church for her regular choir practice, when she spots a newcomer guy sitting on one of the church bench. Nobody else was there, so the girl decided to greet him.
"Hey there new guy, are you going to join the choir?"
"Umm, yes."
"Welcome then. I'm sure you'll learn a lot here. Hopefully you can keep up, though. This choir has a great reputation and lots of achievements, so you better be serious dude! You're lucky to be here, don't waste that chance."
"I will. Thanks for the warning. I'm Sontang, what's you name?"

After that introduction between the girl and the new guy, some other choir members are coming. And the practice are about to start, when suddenly the new guy got up from his chair and introduce himself.
"Good afternoon everybody, my name is Sontang Tampubolon and I'm the new choir coach."
The girl's face turn red. But she's smiling. "This guy surely have some sense of humor," she thinks.
And the guy is also smiling. "That girl is brave and confident. And she can laugh at herself," he thinks.

Both of them feels a special first impression from each other.
That guy didn't even bother the fact that the girl is actually not really a good singer. She can't read notes. She's only good at following tones. Therefore she can fit in a choir, where she can sing together with other  people :D

Long story short, they fell in love and build a  strong relationship.
The girl is my mom. The guy is my [rest in peace] dad.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

# This post is my 2nd post that's written fully in English, as this is a part of my "Written in English Project". Read the complete intro of this project here. See you in my next post!

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