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[Written in English Project #4]: Fashion Week S/S'14

This is my 4th article for my "Written in English - Project" on this blog. Obviously, the purpose of this project is to practice my English writing. Therefore, you'll find many errors :") and I'll be waiting for any comments--whether about the content or the grammar :D

While thinking about what to write, I found a fact that my previous post titled "The September Issue" which talks (a very bit) about fashion actually got quite good responses. So, I decided to post another article about fashion. I would review some inspirational look from Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2014 Collection in four main cities: New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

# Before reading through, kindly note that I am not an expert on fashion, and this review is based on my personal taste. #

New York Fashion Week

:: pic source ::
Pastel colors are trending! Good thing I just bought a turquoise cardigan and peach tanktop :D
Oh yes, I'm lovin this trend!

I also love a simple look by Sass & Bide: black top & shorts combined with a sweet jacket, with a touch of edgy-ness from that killer shoes. Adorable.
:: pic source::

London Fashion Week

:: pic source::
:: pic source::

 I'm happy to find that not all Fashion Week collections are glamorous, edgy, and not-for-everyday-use.

This Paul Smith's collection, for example, is something we can pull off as a work outfit. I love how the soft pink blazer doesn't look tacky, thanks to the boyfriend pants and nice heels. Effortlessly stylish.

Same thing with Marios Schwab that shows a casual denim dress, with just a little ripped-off details. This is definitely something wearable for everyday and everyone.

Milan Fashion Week

::pic source::
I'm inspired by this dress by Fendi. I love how the colors degrading smoothly, creating a wonderful palette. I would love to create (and by creating I mean buying fabrics and bring it to the tailor) an outfit with that kind of colors combination.

Paris Fashion Week
Two things I learn from Fashion Week this year:
1. Add some sparkle on your neutral outfit
:: pic source::

2. Little White Dress (LWD) is now as important as Little Black Dress. Every woman should have at least one of LWD on their closet.
::pic source::

There you go, my picks on Fashion Week this year in New York, Milan, London, and Paris. Hopefully I'll be able (and remember!) to make this kind of review about Jakarta Fashion Week next month. C'ya!

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