Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

[Written in English Project #3]: Got Hit

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Few days ago I saw this quote from a friend’s display picture on Blackberry Messenger. In a second, I got hit by it. I found it very deep and true. Reading that the quote was from a “Rocky” movie, I understand that the words of wisdom was actually related to how winning isn’t about how hard the fighter hit, but how hard he can get hit and survive. But for me, the quote strictly reminds me of life—and how I should change my perspective about life problems.

This year, this month, on August 15th to be exact, I am turning 30 years old. Entering a new decade of my life. And I must say, this couple of years I met some hardest days of my life. God has granted me a lot of challenges and problems. Though I’m a believer and I have faith that God never gave me problems beyond my strength, but honestly there are times when I feel that all the problems hit me so hard and I can’t hit back, so I prefer just lay down and give up. Many times I feel like a loser. I lost my battle of life, because I get hit repeatedly and can never hit back. 

But then I read this quote, and I realize that I haven’t lost. I am surviving. It ain’t about how hard I can hit. It’s about how I got hit hard but I’m still standing; and how I (should) keep moving forward.

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